Greeting ... what's up my friend

Welcome welcome welcome to this cloud training program

Wow ... I am SUPER SUPER excite to be here today

Well, I am Souriya Phompida or you can simply call me Mong, M-O-N-G mong, that's my nick name.

I am the founder of which is an IT profressional training center, I create this IT training center mainly to help people develop and advance their IT career.

So if you want to advance your IT career, either to get promoted, to get pay raise or to gain more skills for your current job you are in the right place.

Little of my background

I have been working in IT industry, in IT field for almost 20 years

I specialized in IT infrastructure including network infrastructure, network security, severs, server hardware, server operating system, storage system, virtualization system, private cloud system, data center components da da da

I have been doing that since early 2000 and still doing now, I have been implementing and managing IT infrastructure for banks, casino, government, multiple ministries, NGO and many more.  

It is my desire to exchange my knowledge and experience with other IT professionals.

It is my desire to transfer my knowledge to persons who want to know IT, person who want to learn IT.

and I am here today to share those experience with you, to transfer those knowledge and expertise to you.

People say "If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions" 

You know, I fully agree with this sentence. I also apply this principle to myself as well. 

Example, if you want to be a network admin, you better train with a "real" network admin who has experience and successful in network admin field.

You don't try to learn that from a graphic designer and You don't try to learn that from a network admin who struggle to keep even his job.

I he is having a hard time to get his job done, learning from him will give you hard time with your job too.

Best Network Manager Award

One of my achievement back in 2011, I received best employee award as a Network manager. 

As you can see, I were there before as a network manager, I know how to reach the network manager level and that I can guide you to be there as well.

Not just that 

I am also an IT manager, I am also a CTO, I boss IT department multiple times in multiple companies as well ...

As you can see again, I am already at the top position in IT department, and I am there multiple times, not just once

so again, I know how to reach that high, I know what it takes to reach that level and I can guide you to reach that high as well.

Once again my friend "If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions" ... Train with me !!!

Now, speaking of this training program, the name of the program is "Become A Cloud System Manager".

This program consists of 4 transformation milestones (more about them in later lessons), after completing all 4, you will be a Cloud System Manager, which is one of IT system manager, and specialize in cloud computing, that's why we call "Cloud System Manager", just like a Network Manager, which is one of IT system manager as well, but specialize in networking.

The first course in this program is called "Kick-start Private Cloud with Proxmox VE (Open-source)", the course you are doing right now. 

This is the first step toward cloud computing career, in this course

  • I will help you build good knowledge and good understanding of cloud computing
  • I will inspire with real world success stories of cloud projects that I have done 
  • I will convince you that Proxmox VE and open-source is a very good solution
  • and I will help you get started properly in setting up your own cloud infrastructure

Getting started properly is very important, and you will see why in later lessons

So make sure you check out the rest of THIS section, da "Week 0" section, the INSPIRATION section, and learn more about how this training program is designed and how it will transform you to next level. 

I am sure it will be fun and exciting I promise.



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